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Coming from a remote village in Madrid, my eagerness to escape the traditional pueblo life has led me to live in England, Germany and now the land of saunas and Papá Noel: Finland. I do not limit my practice to a single artistic field, and I am an advocate for the potential of art to inspire meaningful change in this world. Throughout my career, marked by constant freelance work, I have mastered the art of unemployment, transforming it into a lifestyle choice.




​2024-   . Master in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art. Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
2016-17. Master in Theatre and Performing Arts. Complutense University of Madrid. Madrid, Spain

2010-14. Bachelor in Visual Arts and Contemporary Dance. Rey Juan Carlos University. Madrid, Spain


2023. An Introduction to Trans Studies - Online Course. Åbo Akademi University. Turku, Finland
2021-22. Developing an Artistic Research Project - Online Course. Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

2017-18. Postgraduate Research Studies  (PReS). Kassel, Germany



2024. Sonnenstein Loft. Linz, Austria
2022. ON DISPLAY. Lake Studios Berlin, Germany
2021. Studio Practice and Artistic Process. Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

2018. Atelier Real (REAT). Lisbon, Portugal

2017. Oulu Dance Hack. Oulu, Finland

2016. DOCH Summer Residency. Stockholm, Sweden


2024. City of Espoo Culture Committee

2024. Goethe Institut. Culture Moves Europe. Individual Mobility Grant
2023. Kulturförderung Kulturamt Kassel
2023. Fonds Darstellende Künste. NEUSTART KULTUR. #TakeHeart Rechercheförderung


2022. Kulturförderung Kulturamt Kassel

2021. Goethe Institut - Nachwuchsförderung
2021. Brückenstipendien - Hessische Kulturstiftung

2021. Kulturförderung Kulturamt Kassel
2021. Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst

2020. Kulturförderung Kulturamt Kassel
2018. AC/E Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE)


anverso - a moving installation

2022. Violett Kunstgalerie. Body Tales. Kassel, Germany

2022. tonwerkstatt kassel. Kassel, Germany

2022. Pilotenkueche. Moving surreal curiosity. Leipzig, Germany
2022. 4bid Gallery. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2022. CreativQuartier Fürst Leopold. Dorsten, Germany

anverso - performance

2021. Stockholm Fringe Festival. Sweden

2021. Gothenburg Fringe Festival. Sweden
2019. Oops Festival. Brighton, UK

2018. RandFilm Festival. Kassel, Germany

2018. The Dancer-Citizen Live 2018: MOVING THE MAP. Hamburg, Germany

anverso - film

2023. Festival Antigone. Centre Culturel d'Uccle . Brussels, Belgium.

2022. Tanzhaus Temporär Nº1. Berpark. Kassel, Germany.

2022. LAKE Studios Berlin. ON DISPLAY Screening. Berlin, Germany.
2022. Queeres Kurzfilmkino im TiF. Staatstheater Kassel, Germany.

2020. United Cowboys. Seasoning Summer 2020. Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
2019. NB Film Festival. Puebla, Mexico and Texas, USA

2019. VideoSkin Festival. Ontario, Canada

2019. SzoloDuo Festival - Ork_Kota_Platform. Budapest, Hungary


2024. check your body at the door. arenas&antikainen. Hällä-näyttämö. Tampere, FI
2023. check your body at the door. arenas&antikainen. Kulturhaus Dock4. Kassel, Germany

2021. late for laundry, again. Iria Arenas. Galeria Kollektiva. Kassel, Germany

2020. How long do I have to wait. arenas&antikainen. Hugenottenhaus. Kassel, Germany
2020. MARTURANUM. Elio Gervasi. Workshop, research and performance. Barbarano Romano, Italy

2020. Quite Like You. Aura Antikainen. Choregrafisches Atelier. Halle 2, Kassel, Germany
2019. Terrain. Boris Charmatz: Un essai à ciel ouvert. Theater Spektakel. Zurich, Switzerland
2019. Ares. Statisten-Staatstheater Kassel. Johannes Wieland. Kassel, Germany

2017. Wortenlust. Iria Arenas. Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF). Sweden

2017. Wortenlust. Iria Arenas. OT301 Highs and Lows #22. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2017. Dancers. Coproducción Sonia Gómez + CORPO A TERRA. Ourense, Spain

2016-17. Reflections: Triple Bill. Body Politic Dance Company. Oxford, UK
Wortenlust. Iria Arenas. UngaTur Festival. Stockholm, Sweden


2024. NEFES & Global Music Master’s Transcultural Ensemble. Vapaan Taiteen Tila. Helsinki, Finland
2023. Zipora and Friends. Sibelius Academy. Kalliosali. Helsinki, Finland
2023. STREAMS #4. Aura Antikainen & Niv Melamed. Halle 2. Kassel, Germany
2023. Sie starb und sie lebte. Rosalie Kubny. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany
2022. DIE FLACHE ERDE. Lauren Rae Mace. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany

2022. Silken Veil. C/O Mareike Steffens. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany

2021. Visitors. arenas&antikainen. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany

2021. EPILOGUE. Deborah Smith-Wicke. Halle 2. Kassel, Germany
2021. Could you stay for tea?. Aura Antikainen. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany

2021. Body of land. TANZWERKE '21. Aura Antikainen. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany

2021. Protrahere. Deborah Smith-Wicke. Halle 2. Kassel, Germany

2020. Rock, water, spell. C/O Mareike Steffens. Kulturhaus Dock 4. Kassel, Germany

2019. Choreografische Werkstatt, Staatstheater. Kassel, Germany


2023-ongoing. Hip Hop and House Dance Teacher - Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School. Helsinki, Finland
2020-23. Teacher. Introduction to Stage Lighting & Web Development. SOZO vim. Kassel, Germany

2020-23. Website Designer & Social Media Coordinator of Tanzwerk Kassel e.V. Kassel, Germany
2020-21. Office Assistant/Coordinator of Tanzwerk Kassel e.V. Kassel, Germany

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