anverso is the result of a three weeks of intensive research with the students of  ‘SOZO visions in motion’. This project was the closing of an artistic residency program in Kassel, Germany. During this period of time we have been researching on the idea of ‘how to embody the lost of individual identity’.

anverso expresses a deep anxiety about the future of materialist civilisation, in which the freedom and creativity of the individual are subordinated to the capitalist system represented as a bizarre hybrid monster of human body parts. This performance is a recreation of an imaginative dystopian world where citizens live in a dehumanised state. In this world “Everyone belongs to everyone else”, conformity is the key and individuality is lost.

Concept & Choreography: Iria Arenas
Performance: Velia Malika Hahnemann, Paula Moré, Dalia Rocio Velandia

Lighting design: Iria Arenas
Photo credits: Karl-Heinz Mierke

2021 - Upcoming        

Gothenburg Fringe Festival, Sweden
Stockholm Fringe Festival, Sweden
Supported by the Goethe-Institut's Promoting Young Performing Artists Fund.


United Cowboys. Seasoning Summer. Eindhoven, (NL) - Film


NB Film Festival. Puebla, (MX) and Texas, (US) - Film

OOPS Festival, Brighton (UK) - Live performance

SzoloDuo International Dance Festival, Budapest (HU) - Film


VIDEOSKiN Festival, Yukon (CA) - Film

Randfilmfest, Kassel (DE) - Live performance

The Dancer-Citizen Live, Hamburg, (DE) - Film

SOZO Vim. PRESTIVAL. Kassel, (DE) - Live performance