body of land

Encountering for the first and for the 1000th time. It is not at all conventional, but at the same time arriving home.“We play the major or the minor”, we go under the water, we come back.

Frames, which tell something about the already lived life. Frames about the upcoming

longing and about the particles of love rinsed into the cells like the sand on the beach.

The moment after is shared, collected and done together, yet it will be a different past,

story, experience and future after for everyone from any perspective.

Concept and Artistic direction: Aura Antikainen  
Dance & Performance: Rosalie Kubny, Sarantoula Sarantaki 
Artistic support, Lighting design and Project management: Iria Arenas
Music: Antti Heiskala
Photo credits: Hannah Elsner & Karl-Heinz Mierke


Tanz*werke '21 - online festival. Kulturhaus dock4. Kassel, DE