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I am where you are 2021 © K-H Mierke-56.webp

I am where you are

At the beginning of every movement there is breath. At the beginning of every note there is silence.

At the beginning of every picture there is emptiness. 3 musicians, 4 dancers, 1 videographer. Silence, Breath, space. What impulse breaks this moment?


I am where you are is a performance project that brings movement, sound and image together and takes the audience on a timeless journey. It is about the timeless space of the present, in which human potential can develop, the communication of different art forms and the fusion of dance- and film language.

Concept, Artistic Direction, Project management - Rosalie Kubny

Dramaturgy - Iria Arenas

Dance, Performance - Aura Antikainen

Dance, Performance - Chiara Leonardi 

Dance, Performance - Sarantoula Sarantaki 

Dance, Performance - Maija Viipuri 

E-piano, Sounds, Performance - Luca Hettling

Drums, Percussion, Performance - Lukas Prelle

Saxophone, Performance - Hannah Stastny

Assistant, Web Design, Photography - Hannah Elsner

Camera, Videography - Victoria Koberstein

Videography, Photography - Markus Kunas

Sound, Livestreaming - Dominik Scharf


Live Performance & ​Live Streaming. TubeStage Gleis 1 KulturBahnhof, Kassel.

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