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a moving installation

- a moving installation

anverso - a moving installation rethinks a new way of perceiving the corporeality of the body when being displayed and offers a new perspective on the concepts of nudity and nakedness in performance art in a strongly sexualised Western cultural tradition. In this installation the artists make themselves blank canvases, blurring the line between fine and performance arts; art work and artist; or between object and subject.


This project is a re-adaptation of the stage work anverso  that the artist Iria Arenas presented in 2018 during a year-long artist residency in Kassel. anverso has been shown in different festivals as a live performance and videoart around Europe, North and South America.


In 2022, thanks to the support of NPN - STEPPING OUT and Kulturamt Kassel, this project will be shown in alternative art spaces around Europe by means of an art installation. A collection of photography, video, sound, and other artistic materials gathered during the creative process over the last four years will be exhibited in the space along with the live bodies of the artists.

Direction: Iria Arenas
Performance: Velia Malika Hahnemann, Paula Moré, Angela Reimuth

Artistic Team: Aura Antikainen, Hannah Elsner, Bettina Helmrich, Rosalie Kubny

Project Documentation: Karl-Heinz Mierke, Manuel Domes

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance. With the kind support of the Kulturamt der Stadt Kassel.

Violett Kunstgalerie

23.04. - 05.05.

Kassel, Germany

tonwerkstatt Kassel

19.05. - 22.05.

Kassel, Germany


27.05. - 28.05.

Leipzig, Germany


4bid Gallery

02.06 - 05.06.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

CreativQuartier Fürst Leopold

16.06. - 26.06.

Dorsten, Germany

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