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late for laundry, again

late for laundry, again

late for laundry, again is part of The Creative Potential of Boredom, an artistic research project in which Iria Arenas explores the means of boredom today in Western cultures. Together with two performers, Arenas investigates how the mind works in this particular state using expanded choreography and performance art as a framework to address this concept. The audience is invited to participate in a journey into the unconscious, guided by live electronic music.

Concept and Artistic direction: Iria Arenas 
Performance: Iria Arenas, Agnetha Jaunich, Dalia Velandia
Sound Design: Joern Peeck
Supported by: tanz*werk kassel - Sneaky Leaks

Photo Credits: Hannah Elsner


Galeria Kollektiva. Kassel, DE

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