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Arenas' career as a self-taught lighting designer began in 2019 working at the 'SOZO visions in motion' dance school for choreographers such as Maya M. Carroll, Maayan Danoch, Agostina D'Alessandro, Eldad Ben Sasson, Michael Langeneckert or Deborah Smith-Wicke among others, supporting their choreographic works with the students on stage. Since then, Arenas has gained experience in the field through several workshops and by collaborating and learning from other lighting technicians in theaters such as Staatstheater Kassel, TiF - Theater im Fridericianum and the Kulturhaus Dock4 in Kassel. In 2023, Arenas completed advanced EOS training at ETC's London office and is currently working with ETCnomad software.

Having previously worked as a dancer and performer, Arenas enjoys working with other artists in this field, facilitating the visualization of their ideas on stage while helping to create an aesthetic that supports the style and movement language of the piece. As a freelance lighting designer, Arenas' practice covers the design, programming and execution of live shows.

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Photo Credits: Hannah Elsner, Karl-Heinz Mierke

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