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Micro-kinetic stories developed in the same time and space where personal and collective issues come together. A compilation of 2 hours guided journey with the students of SOZO visions in motion Dance School while keeping distance after quarantine.

Concept: Iria Arenas
Direction & Text: Aura Antikainen
Performance: Velia Hahnemann, Aurora Magri, Deborah Manavi, Amanda Marin, Paula Moré, Marie Simson, Christa Stöffelbauer, Angela Reimuth, Franziska Ullrich

Video Footage: Iria Arenas, Hannah Elsner
Dramaturgy: Rosalie Kubny
Lighting & Sound Design:
Iria Arenas
Edition: Iria Arenas
Duration: 7’


The Dancer-Citizen. Online Journal. Issue 11.        

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