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I would call myself "me."
I want to be "me."
I will present myself as "me".
I will let the "I" come out in me.
I'm going to make others think I'm „me“ … and you will see!

A hybrid form of self-portrait examined and reflected over a period of time, which raises a question of intimacy. Which self is shown? It's about revealing something, creating something. The decision to represent oneself can lead to a so-called "state of grace". Thus, protrahere has the feeling of pulling out, self-revealing, prolonging, or bringing to the light.

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Deborah Smith-Wicke

Music: Albrecht Ziepert und Tabea Schrenk / Soundtrack-cut: Deborah Smith-Wicke

Dramaturgy/Staging: Gabrielle Branco

Light design: Iria Arenas

Costume and Stage: Deborah Smith-Wicke / Swing: Michael Wicke


Halle 2. SOZO visions in motion. Kassel, DE

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