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Quite Like You

Every situation in itself is a performance, even when you are alone.
Where ever we are, what ever we do we perform ourselves.

Actually at this very moment you are performing.

If we think that where ever we are, what ever we do we perform ourselves as us then we can see everything as a performance, even when you are alone.
The choreographies we unconsciously create in everyday life is the basis of performing art. How we represent ourselves through repeated acts and movement patters just in the way we are.

For this production we would be dealing with the concept of performance and performativity. There is an interesting friction between everyday life which is often considered something solid, familiar or ordinary versus the illusion of a performance which often can be seen something unreachable. But actually both contribute something to the other. How to make an everyday life situation into a performance setting in an authentic and natural way in a performance using dance (contemporary) and everyday life actions as the tools? Looking at every situation we live through on and off stage as a performance but from ”the performance” perspective.

Concept & Choreography: Aura Antikainen
Performance: Iria Arenas
Photo Credits: Karl-Heinz Mierke


Choreografisches Atelier, SOZO visions in motion. Kassel, DE   

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