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recycling nudity (working title)
- research project


This research project traces the representation of the human form in the arts throughout history and analyses the politics and economics of the body image and sexuality, focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on Western traditions. Drawing on writings, artworks from earlier periods and conversations with artists and interested parties throughout the research process, I explore how to transform the human figure and with it the multiple social constructions and aesthetic values that have shaped the body throughout history. The aim is to consciously challenge those stereotypes that incorrectly establish a nature of identity and power relations through performance art. Methodology, material and documentation resulting from the practice will be shared through a series of performances and texts throughout this research period.

Ethical considerations

It is important to note that the concept of the body is understood in multiple ways in other contexts, times, cultures and in each of us as individuals. I am aware that this artistic research is conducted from a Western point of view, that my linguistic limitations narrow the possibility of reading publications in other languages, and that my body - used as the main practical research tool in this case - is linked to a specific ethnicity, gender, identity and culture. Always with the intention of expanding knowledge, I see this as a first step to later expand this field of research in other contexts where multiple and diverse bodies come into play. That is why I hope that this project will serve as a precedent for future research on this topic and be able to open a dialogue and expand it to other realities in the future.

Participation in this research is voluntary and consensual. Research subjects are informed of the purpose and methods by which the activity will be conducted. Only the results and material of consenting participants will be documented, used and exhibited in this research work anonymously. Contributors who so wish will participate in the documentation process without being anonymized.

Research questions

  • How would the artistic practices around the body of later years be perceived in our society today? To what extent have the different ways of perceiving and understanding the human figure, sexuality and gender throughout history influence the way we perceive and create art?

  • If the meanings of our bodies are constructions, if our perception of the body and our interpretation of things are based on cultural baggage and shaped by mainstream media, how can performance art provide a framework to liberate our imagination beyond these constructions to approach the human figure from a broader perspective?

  • How can I create a timeless body that slips between different spaces and textualities by means of performance art?


This research project is both theoretical and practical, a qualitative analysis of the representation and use of the human figure in the arts. Some of the qualitative strategies I will use in this research are: the reading of a wide range of literature on the subject, the analysis of artworks created around this concept and the study of the observations of the collaborators involved in the research process. The empirical focus of this research is given by the use of information gathered in practice and the analysis of audience feedback.

Thank you for your time and taking part in this conversation. Any kind of contribution, be it a comment, a constructive feedback, or reference, will be more than appreciated. Your participation is, by default, anonymous. Feel free to add your name and share your contact details to stay in touch in the future. Click in the button below to access the feedback form.

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