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Abstract: "Transcending Canvases" is an ongoing research project at the intersection of Transgender Studies, Art History, and Visual Arts. This project confronts the enduring influence of traditional art narratives that reinforce binary gender ideals and bodily norms in contemporary Western societies. It aims to deconstruct these dominant narratives by reviving marginalized artworks that once challenged gender and body stereotypes fearlessly. By linking historical masterpieces with modern personal narratives, "Transcending Canvases" amplifies often-overlooked voices and empowers individuals to reclaim and reshape their identities through the powerful methodology of autoethnography.


(2023) THE WORK OF ART IN THE CURRENT OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - “Peoples’ Justice” at documenta 15

Abstract: In this text I address the character of political correctness in the art world by paying attention to the contradictions, interests and power struggles that influence and even distort the readings and interpretations of certain works when the horizons of understanding differ from one's own. A political correctness that nowadays is splashed across major international European art events turning into a gigantic corporatist hypocrisy that sometimes reveals itself in the most obvious ways, being the incidents at the fifteenth edition of documenta one of the most controversial of recent months.


(2022) anverso

Abstract: 'anverso' is an artistic project that understands the body as a form. It offers new ways of looking at the human figure questioning ideas and prejudices about the nude in Western cultures. This research began in 2018 during a year-long artist residency in Germany where I explored the potentiality of the body form with three dance students. The goal was to play visually with the human figure, presenting individual and group bodies on stage in an abstracted form by means of performance art. During the research phase I was particularly surprised to see how the contemplation of a moving body from the backside changes the perception of the human figure and, thus, breaks all sorts of biases and pre-established canons of beauty. Motivated by this peaceful feeling of looking at bodies from a neutral point of view, I went on researching in this direction until today.


(2021-22) The Creative Potential of Boredom

Abstract: This artistic research project examines, from a Western cultural perspective, the use of boredom in the arts throughout history with special emphasis on the second half of the 20th century up to the contemporary times. The aim of this research is to explore the creative or critical potential of boredom through artistic practice, inspired by the writings and artworks on the modern experience of this condition. The collected documentation will serve as the basis for an artistic project in which I explore how to use this state of mind as a starting point and as a source of creativity within the framework of conceptual and performance art. Methodology, material, and artworks resulting from the practice will be shared through a series of performances and exhibitions in the course of this research period.


(2016-17) THEATRE AND DANCE IN THE ORIGINS OF THE MODERN SCENE: evolution, parallels and confluences.

Abstract: The origins of this research lie in the meeting of the two main fields of my academic formation and professional experience: theatre and dance. Disciplines that belong to the same field of the performing arts, but which have been separated for many years in the history of the western world, where dance, in the best of cases, was used as a filler for the interval of theatrical plays. Despite the fact that dance has been pointed out by many historians as the first form of artistic manifestation of humankind from which the theatre arose, I believe that it is currently an object of study that is undervalued in some academic circles, as I have personally verified in this Master's Degree in Theatre and Performing Arts. That is why this research aims to highlight the importance for the theatre of the crossover with modern dance, based on the revaluation of the corporal in an avant-garde theatre where the first modern pedagogues emerged, with the aim of promoting its study as a complementary subject within this educational programme.


(2013-14) ON VIDEO ART. Study on the level of acceptance and knowledge of Video Art within the visitors of the 'Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando'.

Abstract: The aim of this research project is to analyse the current state of knowledge of Video Art: an artistic genre that grew out of the commercial realm as an alternative vehicle of protest used by a minority of young artists. To carry out this research, a series of surveys were conducted among visitors of the 'Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando' during the months in which some of Bill Viola's video installations were on display in the museum's permanent exhibition hall. After studying the results, it was found that Video Art - despite having a history of half a century - continues to be a marginalised and little-known genre in comparison with the rest of the artistic avant-gardes. This and many other aspects related to video art will be examined in the present work, followed by a historical overview in order to contextualise and explain some of the essential characteristics of Video Art before examining the object of study.


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