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Creation Process

'anverso' is the result of a three weeks of intensive research with the students of  ‘SOZO visions in motion’. This project was the closing of an artistic residency program in Kassel, Germany. During this period of time we have been researching on the idea of ‘how to embody the lost of individual identity’.

'Every individual possesses a unique identity and that fact alone makes him an independent being. At the same time, the individual’s tangible lifestyle is deeply tied to the society to which he belongs. Therefore, his individuality is not formed autonomously or independently, but rather worked out in a social group setting. An individual’s identity was somewhat fixed and stable in traditional society because the social structure established the boundaries of thought and action, thereby clearly imposing a social role on the individual. Through this process, the individual is born as a member of a collective body and lives as a part of the stable world. However, as a result of changes and expansions in the social structure and the accelerating complexity of the modern age, issues of identity have become increasingly more unstable and fluid. Faced with structural changes in the mechanized and uniform modern industrial society, individuals have no choice but to feel alienated.' - Kim Seungok.​

Past shows




  • NB Film Festival. Puebla, Mexico; Texas, USA - Film

  • OOPS Festival, Brighton (UK) - Live performance

  • SzoloDuo International Dance Festival, Budapest (HU) - Film

  • VIDEOSKiN Festival, Yukon (CA) - Film

  • Randfilmfest, Kassel (DE) - Live performance

  • The Dancer-Citizen Live, Hamburg, (DE) - Film

  • SOZO Vim. PRESTIVAL. Kassel, (DE) - Live performance

Coming shows




  • Gothenburg Fringe Festival, Sweden - Live performance

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