This project has been developed during a Summer Residency Course at Stockholm University of the Arts. The impact globalization and multiculturalism are making in human life is the essence of this work, represented through dance, audio and visual effects on stage. The main purpose of Wortenlust is to awake a sense of wonder or an interest for the unknown into the audience. This representation of our “differences” pretend to abolish what human societies have been always locking for: a comfortable state of mind, manipulated by the mass media, where we are used to believe we already know everything just because we saw it on TV or in newspapers. A 20 minutes performance piece in which the idea of the “other” is not a simply position on a scale of differences/resemblances with us but an integral part of an existing whole.

2017     Wortenlust. Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF). Stockholm, SE

2017     Wortenlust. OT301 Highs and Lows #22. Amsterdam, NL

2017     Wortenlust. Vaciador 34 - International Conference on the Philosophy of Dance. Madrid, ES

2016     Wortenlust. UngaTur Festival. Stockholm, SE